Here are those responsible for this shamozzle.

Use their contacts as listed OR you can go to the form at the bottom and input a message and the magic of the internet will get it to someone who hopefully will read it and respond.,


Grand Master

Job Description : Herd Cats, Yell Loudly, Get ignored, She will also hold your drink while you take your pants down


Phone: 0416 713 796
Now that Jugs is GM, she can nag other people besides just HazBean

Hash Booze

Job Description : Keep the amber fluid running

Mister Balldangles

Phone: ??? ????? ????
Loves his beer, so much he volunteered to look after our beer ..... is that a good thing?

Hash Religious Adviser

Job Description : Communicate with the man upstairs and prevent a wash out. Baptise Virgins and newly named

Hash Trailmaster

Job Description : Make sure someone hares the run


Phone: 0418 410 394
Shappens, the only hasher who is taller kneeling than standing