16 Apr 2020    
07:00 - 23:30

As per PM’s Address to the Nation on 26 March 2020 gatherings of 10 people or more will not be allowed

All future physical runs will be postponed until further notice.

On On

PS – No AGPU means we get Juggs for another year


We are now doing Virtual Runs

You do your own physical run (*depending on your Territory or States rules)

If you can’t run then you can Eski Sit at or ** Bag Mind at home

To do a Virtual Run you need to download the ZOOM App

Log in using the code that will be emailed to you

Circle (via ZOOM Room) starts at 1900h



Play Store


APP Store



You need to be on the Top End Hash Harriers Mailing List so you can receive an invite to log into the virtual run

Because we are so fucking generous, we are not charging for runs

BYO Piss

BYO Mash

BYO Block of Ice – Yes, the GM will put you on ice if you fuck up

* Prior to doing a physical run you will need to see if you are allowed. Go to your Territory or States Government website and see what the rules are with respect to exercise outside etc

** Bag Minding at Home Warning
If you Bag Mind at Home and you decide to go through your bag and steal credit card details please be aware that you will be stealing your own credit card details (not as much fun as stealing some other pricks details)