We are doing virutal Runs with a Virtual Circle

We are still having Virtual Hash Circles to meet the COVID 19 guidelines set by NT Gov and actual experts. No TEH3 runs yet 🙁 All hashers across the world have experienced heightened levels of anxiety, lost loved ones, jobs and comfort as ‘normal’ life was disrupted. We are lucky here in the NT to have our kids back in schools, some of our favourite activities back and no community transmission. Other states/territories not so fortunate. TEH3 is committed to making sure that this is still how we describe the Territory in the weeks and months ahead. What does this mean?  for TEH3, we have 2 more virtual circles left, if there is any outbreaks/new cases over the next 1.5 weeks it would be devastating to link it back to a TEH3 hasher or to impact any TEH3 hashers. Your support of all hashers and non hashers (Territorians) is much appreciated by the entire community.


Because we are so generous we will honour your beer tickets for ever

Have you considered downloading the COVIDsafe app.

A link to the Australian Government COVID Safe website is above

As we transition into the new normal The COVIDSafe app speeds up contacting people exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19). This helps us support and protect you, your friends and family. 

For the skeptics don’t get too stressy and think this is a tool that will track your every move. That is not the intent of this app. If you have got nothing to hide then there shouldn’t be a problem.

If you already have a facebook or google account then you are already being tracked.